Further information:



:: ALLWORTH, Robert

  1. Concerto for Susan Jones (Concerto for French Baroque Lute and Baroque Ensemble) 11c Lute
  2. Memories of Rain. 11c Lute
  3. The Days of Wine and Roses. 11c Lute

Further information: Australian Music Centre http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/artist/allworth-robert


:: ALVAREZ, Geoffrey

  1. Teares or Lamentations: Six Sundry Sighs

Further information: Biography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_%C3%81lvarez    Publisher http://www.lutesoc.co.uk/pages/catalogue#k


:: APERGHIS, Georges

  1. Tragique Histoire du nécromancien Hiéronim et de son miroir la (1971) - pour Mezzo-Soprano, récitante, luth (ou guitare), violoncelle et bande magnétique 30"  Amphion - réf. 91 (S)

Further information: Personal website http://www.aperghis.com/    Publisher - Editions Salabert  http://www.durand-salabert-eschig.com/


:: ASPLUND, Jonas

  1. Tre moment for recorder, lute, harpsichord 2009

Further information: Personal website http:// www.soundweather.net/home.html


:: BARCHI, Michele

  1. Preludium for Archlute and Harp

Further Information:



:: BENNETT, Richard Rodney

  1. Times Whiter Series

Further Information: Biography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Rodney_Bennett

Publisher http://www.chesternovello.com/default.aspx?TabId=2432&State_3041=2&workId_3041=11771



  1. Drie danzen van een zachte dood / Funeral music

Further information: Publisher http://www.broekmans.com/en/search_shop2.cfm


:: BINGHAM, Judith

  1. The Ghost of a Candle.  Edition Peters number EP 71128

Further information: Biography http://www.editionpeters.com/london/modern.php?composer= ,%20J.&modern=1

Publisher - Edition Peters http://www.editionpeters.com/london/moderndetail.php?productid=ST37486&proddesc=&supercategory=&branch=&wcategory=&catdesc=&treecode=



:: BOZHINOV, Konstantin

1. -Suite for archlute n.1 in D minor (Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Bourree, Sarabande, Fugue, Gigue)

2. -Suite for archlute n.2 in F major (Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Gavotte, Sarabande, Chaconne)

3. -Suite for archlute n.3 in G minor (Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Menuets 1 and 2, Gigue)

4. -Trio sonata n.1 in G minor for lute and violin (Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue en rondeau)

5. -Concerto for violin, obligato lute, and strings n.1 in G major (Allegro moderato, Lento, Allegro ma non molto)

6. -Air for violin and lute in A minor

7. -Fugue on ‘All Glory Laud and Honor’

8. -Fugue on ‘O Haupt voll Blut’

9. -Fugue on ‘Une Jeune Fillette’

10. -Variations on a theme by Handel

11. -Variations on ‘Une Jeune Fillette’

Further information: Personal website www.konstantin-bozhinov.com




  1. Ricercar I - lute 10c and archlute (1 player)
  2. Romanze & Tanz - archlute (Antiqua Edition)http://www.antiqua-edition.de/
  3. Fantasie "In Nomine" - archlute
  4. Fantasie "In Nomine" II - lute 10c or archlute
  5. Villancico "Año Nuovo" - archlute
  6. Traversée au printemps (solo version) - theorbo
  7. Ecos de la Danza (Galliarda, Pass'e mezo & Corrente) - archlute, theorbo
  8. "Pulgare" - lute 10c or archlute
  9. Kokoro - theorbo (A) (stopped courses 1-7) 
  10. Jacaras - baroque guitar
  11. Sonatine - "Gommer Abendmusik" - violin, archlute
  12. Traversée au printemps - flute (alto G) or violin, theorbo (A) 
  13. Simple Song - 2 viols (alto/tenor & bass) - archlute

Personal Website: http://bocklenberg.com/



:: BRODHEAD, Richard

    1. Siblings : Six Pieces for Solo Theorbo (1996)

Further information: Email - brodhead@temple.edu


:: BROUGH, Harvey

  1. Requiem in Blue

Further information: personal website http://www.harveybrough.com/


:: BRYARS, Gavin

  1. Lachrimae Crepusculae

Further information: Personal website http://www.gavinbryars.com/

Publisher http://www.schott-music.com/shop/persons/az/2911/



  1. Dowland in Armenia (Kanengiser) (1984) premiered by Paul O'dette June 1984 GSP95 

Further information: Personal Website http://www.lorischobanian.com/  Publisher http://www.gspguitar.com/index.jsp



  1. TBA

Further Information:


:: CROTON, Peter

  1. Remembrance of Things Past, Four settings of texts by William Shakespeare for Voice and Lute. Tree Edition www.tree-edition.com
  2. Open House. Five Songs for Voice and Renaissance Lute or Guitar and "Midnight Fantasia" for Lute solo ISMN:  M– 700161-04-0 German Lute Society (1999) Available from: Seicento-Notenversand e-mail: seicentomusic@arcor.de
  3. The Waking (text: Theodore Roethke) unpublished. On CD REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST LUTE SONGS & SOLOS GMCD 7341
  4. Quietness (text: Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks) unpublished. On CD REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST LUTE SONGS & SOLOS GMCD 7341
  5. Now, O now I needs must part (text: John Dowland?) unpublished. On CD REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST LUTE SONGS & SOLOS GMCD 7341

Further information: Personal Website www.peter-croton.com



:: DALITZ, Christoph

    1. Six Baroque Sonatas for the Archlute and 10c Lute (1998) 

Further information: Publisher http://music.dalitio.de/instr/lute/archlute-baroque-cd/



:: DAO, Nguyen Thien

  1. Nam Aï pour luth

Further information:  Personal website http://www.nguyenthiendao.com/  

Publisher - Durand-Salabert-Eschig http://www.durand-salabert-eschig.com/



:: DANILEVSKY, Alexandre

  1. La Retour (Archlute)

Further information:  Personal website http://www.danilevski.org/  



:: DAVID, Johann Nepomuk

  1. Sonate für Laute allein [solo; composed 1943]. Werk 31 Nr. 5 (1947). Ed.-Nr.: 5781.Quart. 13 Seiten (= Fünf Solo-Sonaten Werk 31, 5) There is a CD with Stephan Stiens playing the Solo Sonata on Guitar. http://www.stephan-stiens.de/CDs_Zwischenzeit.html 
  2. Sonate für Blockflöte und Laute". Werk 32 Nr. 2 [composed 1943] (1949). Ed.-Nr.: 5781 Quart. 13 Seiten (= Vier Duos Werk 32, 2).
  3. "Trio für Flöte, Bratsche und Laute". Werk 26 (1932), printed in Vienna, Doblinger 1981
  4. The "Concertino für Viola, 2 Blockflöten und Laute" (1944) is not yet printed.

Further information:  Personal website http://www.johann-nepomuk-david.org/index_e.html



Musikantiquariat Dr. Bernhard A. KOHL GmbH


Publisher - Breitkopf & Härtel -  http://www.breitkopf.com/news/start



:: DODGSON, Stephen

  1. Sketchbook, for two lutes 1989. 6 course lutes ISBN 0 905655 49 

Further information: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Dodgson  Publisher - Lute Society Editions http://www.lutesoc.co.uk/pages/catalogue-text



:: Durbrow, Edward




:: EBEN, Petr

  1. Pisne k loutne (Lieder zur Laute)

Further information: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petr_Eben  Publisher http://www.supraphon.com/



:: EKSTROM, Lars

  1. Vision and Ashes

Further information: Personal website http://www.larsekstrom.se/




  1. Tasmania Memoroirs 

Further information: Contact janina.ev@gmail.com



:: EVERETT, Colin

  1. A Goodlie Dozen New Settings of Olde Tunes for 2, 3 & 4 renaissance lutes

Further information: Contact us for details. We are trying to locate a contact for this composer or his publisher



:: GALVÃO, Paulo (allonyms "Antonio da Costa" and "AdC")

  1. Chacoina for Baroque Guitar
  2. Chacara for Baroque Guitar
  3. Rojão for Baroque Guitar
  4. Passacaglia for Baroque Guitar
  5. Concerto for Baroque Guitar
  6. Entrada for Baroque Guitar
  7. Fantasia 9 for Baroque Guitar
  8. Canario for Baroque Guitar
  9. Oitavado for Baroque Guitar

Further information: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulo Galvão

Composer's webpage http://polyhymnion.org/adc 



:: GARDNER, John

  1. Triad
  2. Tetrad

Further information: Personal website http://www.johnlintongardner.co.uk/index.htm



:: GENZMER, Harald

  1. Sonatine

Further information: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harald_Genzmer

In an edition of lute music, published by Walter Gerwig (1960s?) (Robert Lienau Verlag, Berlin) . Vol. 7 




  1. New Lessons for Lute
  2. Sequential Works for the Lute

Further information:  Publisher: http://vanteeseling.nl/index.php?osCsid=0o0gbu3jdef7drn893tkggt7s6

Some biographical info: http://www.eroica.com/fg-music.html




  1. Memories of Love (1983) 

Further information: http://www.soundandmusic.org/thecollection/node/36236


:: GUEZEC, Jean-Pierre

  1. Suite pour Beaucoup de bruit pour rien  (1968) d'après Shakespeare pour Baryton, choeur, 6 instrumentistes soli : fl à bec(Sopranino.S.A.B), htb, vla, tambourin, tom, luth) et 14 instrumentistes, 3 perc. - clavecin - orgue Hammond 18''

Further information: Wikipedia http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Pierre_Gu%C3%A9zec


:: HERMSDORF, Dieter S.

  1. Fantasie fur Laute solo (1990) 13c Lute
  2. 4 Studien für Laute (1992)

Further information: Publisher http://www.antiqua-edition.de/lautenmusik/barocklaute/00000095a30adac13.html


:: ISBIN, Gilbert.

  1. 3 Contemporary Lute Duets for 6c lutes. A Mood; And Autumn Came; Expectation
  2. 10 Compositions for Solo Lute 6c lute, Reminiscence; Sunset Song; All the colour you bring; Afternoon shadow; Sea Song; A Sunday; Gift to the Fall; Portrait; Painting; Reflection.
  3. 25 Easy Lute Pieces 6c lute. A Bagatoye; Remembrance; Folksong; Floating; Sunset Dance; A Fancy; Gift; If you Can; In the Hills; Imagine; Here and There; Away A While; Joy; Aube; Moment; Bliss; Desire; Canticle; Repose; An April Evening; Canso; Along A Way; Not Without Reason; Pastorale; A Lovely View
  4. 10 Contemporary Lute Songs. Just for Today; Leafless Branches; Your Language; Gemini; Time; One Rose; Four Hands; The Wind; A Weekend; Frieze
  5. Lutesongs. Zuiver; Gelukzoeker; En Wat Dan

Personal website: http://users.telenet.be/gilbert.isbin/contents.html


:: JEAN, Françoise-Xavier

  1. Triomph 1928 – Ephèbe

Further information: 



:: KAISER, Tyler

  1. Titan 
  2. Quartet for the end of snack time 

Further information: 



:: KALLOS, Sandor

  1. TBA





  1. TBA



:: KARKOFF, Ingvar

  1. 4 Stycken för luta – solo (1985)
  2. FOUR DUETS for lutes(1985)
  3. Four pieces (1985) lute, Duets, a-git.SUE

Publisher Edition Suecia  SUE 369

Personal Website http://www.ingvarkarkoff.com/


:: KEELING, Andrew

  1. Black Sun solo lute 2001
  2. MirAre theorbo solo 2003
  3. One Flesh treble viol and lute 1999
  4. My Lute, Awake! mezzo, Renaissance flute, lute & viol 2000
  5. Sad Steps mezzo, Renaissance flute, lute & viol 2000
  6. Modern Love counter-ten, four recorders & lute 2002

Personal Website http://www.andrewkeeling.ukf.net/index.htm



  1. Title

Personal Website http://www.torban.org/kompanichenko



  1. Konsonanzen for renaissance and baroque lutes

Publisher Deutsche Lautengesellschaft http://www.lautengesellschaft.de/


:: KUBO, Mayako

    for baroque lute (13c). commissioned by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). first performance: Detmold, May 31, 1990, Konrad Junghänel, 12'. recording: WDR, publisher: Ariadne Verlag

Personal website http://www.mayako-kubo.de/