with singer Chieko Honda after a performance
of his sax quartet at Renee Weiler Concert Hall


with the Renaissance Saxophone Quartet after a performance of his quartet in the Tuscan Garden-Staten Island, NY



with an idol of his youth, Mauro Pagani,
formerly of Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)


with Aurora Borealis:
Tiffany Du Mouchelle, soprano
and Stephen Solook, percussion


with trumpet player Ivano Ascari
in the Alps near Rovereto, Italy.


with the Santa Cruz Chamber Players
after the West Coast Premiere of
"Glimmers of Acceptance" for string trio


with Tetraktis Percussione in NYC
during their USA tour.


with clarinetist Guido Arbonelli
at his home in the hills of Umbria, Italy.


with Nicola Mazzanti, piccolo and Christi Zuniga, piano
after the world premiere of "Melma Calma"
at the International Piccolo Symposium, Omaha, Nebraska.


with renowned percussionist James Preiss,
a long-time champion of Davide's music.


with the Jade String Trio and Mimi Stern-Wolfe
after the world premiere of "Glimmers of Acceptance"


The Manhattan Choral Ensemble,
Thomas Cunningham, director (front row, far left)


Davide on his father's lap,
trying to tame the forces of nature.


Davide at age 5, already feeling the energy of the universe.